Listening Snow Tower – 聽雪樓 [Cantonese]

Listening Snow Tower – 聽雪樓 [Cantonese]

May. 06, 2019
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When the vile Bai Yue sect threatens to bring great suffering upon the world, three great martial arts masters, Bai Di (He Zhong Hua), Xue Gu (Wang Jiu Sheng), and the “Blood Demon”, Shu Xuewei (Lu Fang Sheng), team up with the master of Listening Snow Tower to fight evil and restore peace. Sadly, even the most noble of plans can go horribly awry. With the use of a sacred bell, the head of the Bai Yue Sect, Hua Lian (Jessica Hsuan), ensnares the Blood Demon’s mind, forcing him to murder his wife before killing himself.

Taking in the Blood Demon’s orphaned daughter, Shu Jingrong (Crystal Yuan), Bai Di raises her as his own. Trained alongside her master’s disciples, Jingrong, Qinglan (Han Cheng Yu), Qingyu (Zhao Dong Ze), Xiao Yiqing (Qin Jun Jie) grow into skilled masters of Wulin. Though peace may reign for a time, tragedy is never far away. When disaster strikes, Jingrong discovers she is cursed with misfortune and becomes overwhelmed by guilt.

But guilt won’t hold her down for long. Taking up her father’s Blood Rose Sword, Jingrong joins heart and hands with Listening Snow Tower’s young master, Xiao Yiqing, fighting together against the spreading evil of the Bai Yue Sect, until they draw their final breaths.

Listening Snow Tower – 聽雪樓 [Cantonese]
Listening Snow Tower – 聽雪樓 [Cantonese]
Listening Snow Tower – 聽雪樓 [Cantonese]
Original title 听雪楼
First air date May. 06, 2019
Last air date Jun. 13, 2019
Seasons 1
Episodes 56
Duration 45m

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